Macro Gait Travels – Privacy policy


This privacy and policy are from Macro Gait Travel to our customers and to visitors who are visiting our website, information, products, and offers. 

This privacy and policy apply to our website or sites and all products and services provided by Macro Gait Travel inbound and outbound tours. 


Personal contacts and information. 

All the information which we collect from visitors provides by themself only and they have the right to decide. 

We do not monitor or collect any type of financial, credit card details through our website. 

We request visitors to send us their email address, contact number, first name & last name through our inquiry forms or messages since we need their details to communicate for requested booking or arrangments. 


Anonymously visits

As a travel company, we conduct lots of promotions and offers so We use to find the country of each visitor through our website when they visit our website and generate an inquiry or message. 

but we do not collect any type of personal information. 


How we use your basic information – 

When we receive a message from the customer our team will monitor your message and filter it to the related department. 

We record your contact details very confidentially. 

We will contact the person accordingly to introduce related products or new products but not unnecessarily. 

Time to time an automated or real-time reminders will send for silent inquiries but this can be stoped at any time on request. 


No, we do not share – 

All contact details received to Macro Gait Travel are very confidential and We do not hand over or share these details with any other third party website or company. 


Third-party websites – 

We will display online advertisements or promotions on our website which belong to third party companies but they are not allowed to monitor any kind of personal information. 


Contacting us – 

If you have any questions about our privacy and policy or use of this website. please contact us at 


+94766 769 996 


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